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Friday, August 6, 2010

Can a Business Owner be a Christian?

I don't see how without giving up their faith. Say you own a food store. The first person steals or doesn't pay their bill in full and you already have a contest between your career and your faith. Of course what we do in this culture is you take that guy to the cleaners because of the social contract, which says that stealing or not paying your bill is illegal. So, leaning on the law, you can force collection or send the guy to jail without any hesitation, though clearly you did not feed the hungry.

In fact, this scenario comes perilously close to what the Mafia does if a deal goes awry: take the guy's kneecaps off! Nowhere in our One Nation Under God, in whose currency we claim to trust, is there a Christian asterisk for the penal code: *except for cases of hardship, sickness or nakedness.

So if Christianity is not intended for the business world, for what alternative is it intended, some Sunday School world where people already are screened for purity? In the end is our beloved faith really anything more than a lovely idea, a slogan on a Hallmark card?

Fling yourself at life and disregard the consequences.
Let not the right hand know what the left hands is doing.
Feed my sheep.

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